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Here you'll learn all about me, Angela Bean (Aiden Bean) aka Bean: my interests & hobbies, my family, the people who i call my family, my pets, and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other websites for you to check out.

I'm Bean. I'm a German American. My dad was born in Ulm, Germany & adopted from Ulm, Germany by the Bean's. I am very proud of my German Heritage. I am an Army Veteran, I was a cook in the Army, 92Golf. My family has a strong Military background. Both sides of my family are mostly Military. The Kirchner side is German Military. My Grandpa Kirchner was a German Foot Soldier & Crane Operator at a Steel Factory in Germany. My Mom's side is the Army, my Grandpa Collins was a cook in the Army as well as all his brothers. My Dad's adopted side is Army. I have 5 tattoo's & a couple piercings. I love Art & History, especially Confederate History & German History. I love to write; poetry, stories, songs, journals, blogs. I am also a Web Designer, I like to play around with Webpages & Facebook Pages. 

~Welcome to my Website.~


What's New?

Hello its been awhile since I've been on here & updated my site. I've decided to try to keep this regularly updated which I haven't been doing. Good news I got a job, been there since July 2011 & got promoted to Assistant Manager. Jen & I are still together, have been since 25 Dec 2010 & still going strong.


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